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Bill Gates Last Days Video

This isn’t directly related to high scale services or saving power in the data center but it’s a great video. Bill Gates Last Days (6:54) from CES. –jrh James Hamilton, Windows Live Platform Services Bldg RedW-D/2072, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington, 98052 W:+1(425)703-9972 | C:+1(206)910-4692 | H:+1(206)201-1859 | |

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Sun Caroline to Compete with Amazon AWS?

Yesterday, Data Center knowledge reported that Sun was working on a Cloud Platform to compete with Amazon AWS: Project Caroline. The data behind the report comes from a upcoming Java One 2008 presentation by Sun Distinguished Engineer, Bob Scheifler. The talk announcement and synopsis is posted at: and, even better, the slides are already…

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