Hyder: Transactional Indexed Record Manager for Shared Flash Storage

If you work in the database world, you already know Phil Bernstein. He’s the author of Principles of Transaction Processing and has a long track record as a successful and prolific database researcher. Past readers of this blog may remember ...


High Availability for Cloud Computing Database Systems

While at Microsoft I hosted a weekly talk series called the Enterprise Computing Series (ECS) where I mostly scheduled technical talks on server and high-scale service topics. I said “mostly” because the series occasionally roamed as far afield ...


Software Define Networking Comes of Age

From the Last Bastion of Mainframe Computing Perspectives post: The networking equipment world looks just like mainframe computing ecosystem did 40 years ago. A small number of players produce vertically integrated solutions where the ASICs (the ...


Hortonworks Taking Hadoop to Next Level

I got a chance to chat with Eric Baldeschwieler while he was visiting Seattle a couple of weeks back and catch up on what’s happening in the Hadoop world at Yahoo and beyond. Eric recently started Hortonworks whose tag line is “architecting the ...


SolidFire: Cloud Operators Becomes a Market

It’s a clear sign that the Cloud Computing market is growing fast and the number of cloud providers is expanding quickly when startups begin to target cloud providers as their primary market. It’s not unusual for enterprise software companies to ...


SIGMOD 2011 in Athens

Earlier this week, I was in Athens Greece attending annual conference of the ACM Machinery Special Interest Group on Management of Data. SIGMOD is one of the top two database events held each year attracting academic researchers and leading ...


Guido van Rossum: 21 Years of Python

Guido van Rossum was at Amazon a week back doing a talk. Guido presented 21 Years of Python: From Pet Project to Programming Language of the Year. The slides are linked below and my rough notes follow: · Significant Python influencers: o Algol ...


Challenges and Trade-offs in Building a Web-scale Real-time Analytics System

Ben Black always has interesting things on the go. He’s now down in San Francisco working on his startup Fastip which he describes as “an incredible platform for operating, exploring, and optimizing data networks.” A couple of days ago Deepak ...


Speeding Up Cloud/Server Applications With Flash Memory

Last week, Sudipta Sengupta of Microsoft Research dropped by the Amazon Lake Union campus to give a talk on the flash memory work that he and the team at Microsoft Research have been doing over the past year. Its super interesting work. You may ...


Interested in Core Database Engine Development?

If you have experience in database core engine development either professionally, on open source, or at university send me your resume. When I joined the DB world 20 years ago, the industry was young and the improvements were coming ridiculously ...


Clustrix Database Appliance

Earlier this week Clustrix announced a MySQL compatible, scalable database appliance that caught my interest. Key features supported by Clustrix: · MySQL protocol emulation (MySQL protocol supported so MySQL apps written to the MySQL client ...


MapReduce in CACM

In this month’s Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery, a rematch of the MapReduce debate was staged. In the original debate, Dave Dewitt and Michael Stonebraker, both giants of the database community, complained that: 1. ...


Randy Shoup & John Ousterhout at HPTS 2009

HPTS has always been one of my favorite workshops over the years. Margo Seltzer was the program chair this year and she and the program committee brought together one of the best programs ever. Earlier I posted my notes from Andy Bectolsheim’s ...


Conversation with Butler Lampson at SOSP 2009

Just about exactly one year ago, I posted a summary and the slides from an excellent Butler Lampson talk: The Uses of Computers: What’s Past is Merely Prologue. Its time for another installment. Butler was at SOSP 2009 a few weeks back and ...


Here’s Another Innovative Application of Commodity Hardware

Here’s another innovative application of commodity hardware and innovative software to the high-scale storage problem. MaxiScale focuses on 1) scalable storage, 2) distributed namespace, and 3) commodity hardware. Today’s announcement: ...


Code Splitting for Fast Javascript Application Startup

AJAX applications are wonderful because they allow richer web applications with much of the data being brought down asynchronously. The rich and responsive user interfaces of applications like Google Maps and Google Docs are excellent but ...