Windows Live Mesh is Here!

Live Mesh has been under development for a couple of years now. Now it’s hear in “technology preview” form. I think the first public mention was probably back in March of last year in a blog entry by Mary Jo Foley that mentioned Windows Live Core ( Last night Amit Mital, General Manager of Windows Live Core, did a blog entry that coves Live Mesh in more detail that previously seen:

UPDATE: The report above attributing first mention of Windows Live Core to Mary Jo Foley was incorrect. The sleuths at LiveSide appear to have reported this one first:

Live Mesh is a platform that supports synchronizing data across devices, a platform for deploying and managing apps that run on multiple devices, supports screen remoting making all your devices and applications available from anywhere, and it strikes an interesting balance exploiting both cloud services supported features and unique device capabilities. The initial device support is Windows only but Mac and other device clients are coming as well.

Screen shots are up on CrunchBase:

Ray Ozzie did a 36 min Channel 9 interview with Jon Udell:

Abolade Gbadegesin, Live Mesh Architect, did a video on Live Mesh Architecture that is worth checking out:

Demo video:


James Hamilton, Windows Live Platform Services
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3 comments on “Windows Live Mesh is Here!
  1. Jim Pick says:

    It looks like it’s Atom based, cool.

    No Linux support. Not cool. Microsoft just doesn’t get it.

  2. Sorry about that Kip. It does indeed look like first mention was indeed in LiveSide. Thanks for the correction.


  3. kip says:

    If you follow the link on Mary Jo’s blog, you’ll see she links to us, from the day before. And if I remember correctly, our snooping found a mention of Windows Live Core, which when we searched on the term (using Live Search, of course!), we came up with the bio of one James Hamilton, architect on the Windows Live Core team. That led us, if I remember correctly, to the other names (illustrious ones, in addition to yours, I might add) that we reported.

    Now totally understandable to think that it’s not really a mention until Mary Jo mentions it, we’re always humbled when she links us.

    Congratulations on the Live Mesh "release". Really excited to see where this is going to take us.

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