Microsoft Live Search is Kumo

There has been lots of speculation about the new name for Microsoft Search. The most prevalent speculation is that will be branded Kumo: Microsoft to Rebrand Search. Will it be Kumo?

Confirming that the Kumo brand is definitely the name that is being tested internally at Microsoft, I’ve noticed over the last week that the Search Engine Referral URL has been showing up frequently as the source for searches that find this blog. I suppose the brand could be changed yet again as the Microsoft internal bits are released externally. But, having been through the hassle of a brand change and know how much testing it really does require, I suspect we’re looking at the final answer with this one.


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3 comments on “Microsoft Live Search is Kumo
  1. simone parma says:

    yep. they have a project, they should make it work… even if that project is so far from their company mission?

  2. I’m about the worst person on the planet to comment on the need for branding, rebranding, etc. so I won’t comment on that. Market share decline suggests doing something would be well timed. Rebranding may help. I’m a huge supporter of getting out there and taking action so, generally, I think it’s a good thing.

  3. simone parma says:

    im not understanding why they needed this change… are they putting new features on kumo and they want it completely different from live?

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