CACM Interview with Pat Selinger

In a previous posting, Pat Selinger IBM Ph.D. Fellowships, I mentioned Pat Selinger as one of the greats of the relational database world. Working with Pat was one of the reasons why leaving IBM back in the mid-90’s was a tough decision for me. In the December 2008 edition of the Communications of the ACM, an interview I did with Pat back in 2005 is published: Database Dialogue with Pat Selinger. It originally went out as an ACM Queue article.

If you haven’t checked out the CACM recently, you should. The new format is excellent and the articles are now worth reading. The magazine is regaining its old position of decades ago as a must read publication. The new CACM is excellent.

Thanks to Andrew Cencini for pointing me towards this one. I hadn’t yet read my December issues.

James Hamilton
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