Two Presentations at University of Washington

Ed Lazowska of University of Washington invited me in speak to his CSE 490H class. This is a great class that teaches distributed systems in general and the programming assignments are MapReduce workloads using Hadoop. I covered two major topics, the first on high scale service best practices. How to design, develop, and efficiently operate high-scale services. The second looked at where the power goes in a high scale data center and what to do about it.

· Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services

· Alaska Marine Lines Bimodal Loading

· Where Does the Power go and What to do About it

The middle presentation on what I call Bimodal Loading is just a fun little two slide thing answering a question Ed had asked me some months back in passing. Why are the barges heading up to Alaska form Seattle loaded high in the front and in the rear but almost always unloaded or only lightly-loaded in the middle?


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