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Rough Notes: Data Center Efficiency Summit (posting #3)

Previous “rough notes” posting: Rough Notes: Data Center Efficiency Summit. Containers Based Data Center · Speaker: Jimmy Clidaras · 45 containers (222KW each/max is 250Kw – 780W/sq ft) · Showed pictures of containerized data centers · 300×250’ of container hanger · 10MW facility · Water side economizer · Chiller bybass o Limit chiller hours via…

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Rough Notes: Data Center Efficiency Summit

My rough notes from the first two sessions at the Data Center Efficiency Summit at Google Mountain view earlier today: Data Center Energy Going Forward · Speaker: John Tuccillo, APC · Green Grid: o Data Collection & Analysis o Data Center Technology & Strategy o Data Center Operations o Data Center Metrics & Measurements ·…

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Efficient Data Center Summit

Google is hosting a the Efficient Data Center summit today at their Mountain View facility. It looks like its going to be as great event and I fully expect we’ll see more detail than ever on how high scale operators run their facilities. But, in addition, one of the goals of the event is to…

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