Rough Notes: Data Center Efficiency Summit (posting #3)

Previous “rough notes” posting: Rough Notes: Data Center Efficiency Summit.

Containers Based Data Center

· Speaker: Jimmy Clidaras

· 45 containers (222KW each/max is 250Kw – 780W/sq ft)

· Showed pictures of containerized data centers

· 300×250’ of container hanger

· 10MW facility

· Water side economizer

· Chiller bybass

o Limit chiller hours via raised temp inside

· High efficiency transformers: 99.5%

· 27C (81F) cold aisle

· Distributed UPS (each server has a lead accede battery).

Jimmy showed videos of the containerized data center. Show the layout of the entire facility and the detail behind the container design. PUE is in the 1.25 range. This data center is listed as “Data Center A” in the Google PUE publications

Overall it was a great presentation and it’s great to see this level of detail being contributed to the industry. The day continues to be super interesting.


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