Welcome to Perspectives

Update: I’m now with Amazon Web Services: http://perspectives.mvdirona.com/2008/12/14/JamesHamiltonJoinsAmazoncom.aspx.

I’m an architect on the Microsoft Windows Live Platform team and maintain an internal blog called Perspectives. My postings focus on high scale services, data center operations, very large database, flash memory, service design principles, power efficiency and power management.

I made that blog internal because it opens up interesting content that can’t be posted externally. I discuss internal products that haven’t yet released, data that will never be released, and take positions without regard to how they would be perceived outside the company. I realized after maintaining the internal blog for a bit more than a year that about 25% of the content is public and could be posted externally. That’s the genesis of this blog. I’ll post less frequently here, since only some of the content can be released externally. But what can be released externally will be posted here.

My external Microsoft web site is http://research.microsoft.com/~jamesrh.

At home, most of my interests revolving around boating and boat related travel and photography. Jennifer and I write for regional and national boating magazines and the home web site is http://www.mvdirona.com. We also maintain a blog is http://blog.mvdirona.com.

Welcome to Perspectives.


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