Flash Memory SSD Performance

Ted Wobber (msft Research) brought together the following short list of SSD performance data. Note the FusionIO part claiming 87,500 IOPS in a 640 GB package. I need to run a perf test against that part and see if it’s real. It looks perfect for very hot OLTP workloads.

A directory of “fastest SSDs”:


Note that this contains RAM SSDs as well as flash SSDs. This list, however, seems to be ranked by bandwidth, not IOPs.

This manufacturer make a very high-end database accelerator:


Among the things that they do are: most likely logical address re-mapping, way over-provisioning of free space, highly parallel ops

Then there are these guys who do the hard work in the host OS:


They clearly do logical address re-mapping, but their material is strangely devoid of mention of cleaning costs. Perhaps they get “free” hints from the OS free block table.

Nevertheless, the following article is worth reading:


FusionIO: http://fusionio.com/.

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