Hillary Clinton’s Presentation at Microsft

Last week Hillary Clinton presented at Microsoft to a sold out crowd of roughly 2,000 people. Jennifer Hamilton attended and sent her notes my way.


o About 2000 people

o Speech similar to one given on Monday night with a bit more a technology focus

· US has always been the “Innovation Nation”–a hallmark of how country was founded and has grown

· Can’t assume it will stay that way–have to ask the hard questions and build

· Don’t think we’re doing a good job–want to seize the mantle of innovation

· Important not just for our industry but for the country

· Innovation has fueled the opportunities of those born here and those who came here

o 4 big goals:

1. Restore American leadership in the world

2. Rebuild a strong and prosperous middle class

3. Reform government to competence and more results-oriented

4. Reclaim the future for our children and our dreams

o For each of the four goals, she has set specific goals for what she would do as president

o Spoke of Sputnik being a defining moment in her childhood

· At that time America was the leader in everything

· Then Sputnik and called into question

· Had a republican pres that didn’t blame the dems but went after the problem

· Wants to do that same sort of thing

1. Restore American leadership in the world

· Partly its Iraq but this not the only international problem the next president will inherit

· Our strategic/economic/innovation position eroding — Clinton will restore the bi-partisan balance on end an era of “cowboy diplomacy”

· Can’t be a leader if no-one is following

o All the problems we have, global-warming, g-terrorism, g-economics, we can’t solve on our own

2. Rebuild a strong and prosperous middle class

· Economy has worked well for some of us, but hasn’t for many.

· People struggling to maintain middle-class lifestyle.

· Feel invisible to their government.

· Feel their standing on trap-door–one misstep from disaster

· Environmental a big part: we import more foreign oil post-9/11 than before

· Take away tax-subsidy from oil companies to put towards alternative energies

· Health-care (joked it’s an issue she has a “little experience in”)–need a system of shared responsibility and choices

o Insurance companies will have to change–she’s offering them a new business model–they’ve made a lot of money not insuring people

· 50B spent in underwriting to avoid coverage plus more unproductive costs arguing on coverage

· Big push towards electronic records for medical records

· One of big problems in Katrina is how many records were lost

· Wants to create a framework to give us private, confidential, secure electronic records

o Also need to pay for prevention–insurance companies won’t

o And manage chronic conditions

o All added up will reduce costs and cover everyone

· Improve education–it hasn’t advanced either

o Need to make college affordable and offer cheaper loans

o Harder to go to university than 30 yrs ago

o 75% of students are from top 25% of income

o Only 3% from bottom 25%

3. Reform government to competence and to be results-oriented

· We have been building a two-tier system

· Tax system tilted towards top income

· US was #1 for internet access 6 yrs ago–now 14th-25th depending on survey

· Got to end Bush’s muzzling of science

o As president first thing will do is issue executive order to not interfere with science and lift the ban on ethical stem-cell research

· End cronyism and appoint qualified people–re Katrina

4. Reclaim the future for our children and our dreams

· Don’t want to be part of 1st gen of Americans who leave their country worse than when they found it.

· Thrilled at idea of being first women president, but not running because is female. She is running because she feels she is the best-qualified

· Not interested in all the personal attacks–am an expert on it –have been recipient for over 15 yrs–that won’t educate a child

· Wants people to think that our best years are still ahead of us

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