AFCOM Western Washington Chapter Meeting

Earlier today I presented Where Does the Power Go and What to do About it at the Western Washington Chapter of AFCOM. I basically presented the work I wrote up in the CIDR paper: The Case for Low-Cost, Low-Power Servers.

The slides are at: JamesHamilton_AFCOM2009.pdf (1.22 MB).

The general thesis of the talk is that improving data center efficiency by a factor of 4 to 5 is well within reach without substantial innovation or design risk.


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2 comments on “AFCOM Western Washington Chapter Meeting
  1. Yeah, your right. It’s a worthy topic and I’ve not yet gone through it on the blog. I’ll aim to cover it sometime over the next 2 to 4 weeks. Thanks for the suggestion.


  2. In page 16 of your presentation, you mentioned that PUE less than 1 may be achievable. I do not remember that you mentioned this before. Can you elaborate it a little bit more? Thanks


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