FAST 2009 Keynote: AWS S3

This morning Alyssa Henry, did the keynote at USENIX File and Storage Technology (FAST) Conference. Alyssa is General Manager of Amazon Simple Storage Service. Alyssa kicked off the talk by announcing that S3 now has 40B objects under management which is nearly 3x what was stored in S3 at this time last year. The remainder of the talk focuses first on design goals and then gets into techniques used.

Design goals:

· Durability

· Availability

· Scalability

· Security

· Performance

· Simplicity

· Cost effectiveness

Techniques used:

· Redundancy

· Retry

· Surge protection

· Eventual consistency

· Routine testing of failure modes

· Diversity of s/w, h/w, & workloads

· Data scrubbing

· Monitoring

· Auto-management

The talk:AlyssaHenry_FAST_Keynote.pdf (729.04 KB)

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