Navigating the Linux Kernel

Google Maps is a wonderfully useful tool for finding locations around town or around the globe. Microsoft Live Labs Seadragon is a developer tool-kit for navigating wall-sized or larger displays using pan and zoom. Here’s the same basic tiled picture display technique (different implementation) applied to navigating the Linux kernel: Linux Kernel Map.

The kernel map has a component-by-component breakdown of the entire Linux kernel for hardware interfaces up to user space system calls and most of what is in between. And it’s all navigatable using zoom and pan. I’m not sure what I would actually use the kernel map for but it’s kind of cool. If you could graphically zoom from the map to the source it might actually be a useful day-to-day tool rather than one a one-time thing.

Originally posted via Slashdot (Navigating the Linux Kernel like Google Maps) and sent my way by John Smiley of Amazon.


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