Google Dalles Air Side Economizer Picture

In the Randy Katz on High Scale Data Centers posting I the article brought up Google Dalles. The article reported that Dalles used air side economization but I’ve not seen the large intakes or louvers I would expect from a facility of that scale.

Cary Roberts, ex-TellMe Networks and all around smart guy, produced a picture of Google Dalles that clearly shows air side economization (Thanks Cary).

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4 comments on “Google Dalles Air Side Economizer Picture
  1. I didn’t notice Chris any evidence of modification on the Google videos. Can you point to the video and the time offset that looks incorrect to you?

    James Hamilton

  2. Chris Bock says:

    Did anyone see the Google video of their containerised facility? It’s bullshit, ILM did them a mockup.

    What they really do is pipe this inlet directly into the container aisle through a 3ft conduit. The containers are vented on the top sidewall and waste heat convectivly rises through the facility and out the roof.

    Or google could email me about a job.

  3. Useful. Thanks Kevin. –jrh

  4. Kevin Bross says:


    If you haven’t seen it previously, published blueprints for the site plan of the Google facility in The Dalles, Oregon.

    Another good use for containerized or modular data centers is to rapidly deploy high-efficiency data center facilities in existing .


    P.S. For those unfamiliar with Oregon, be aware that "The Dalles, Oregon" (on the Columbia River) is separate from "Dallas, Oregon" (near Salem).

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