1999 Mitsubishi 3000 VR4 For Sale

Our 1999 Mitsubishi 3000 VR4 For Sale. Black-on-black with 80,000 miles. $12,500 OBO. Fewer than 300 1999 VR-4s were produced for North America, and only 101 in black-on-black.

We love this car and hate to sell it, but are living downtown Seattle and no longer need a car. It’s a beautiful machine, 320 HP, and handles incredibly well. We’re often stopped on the street asking if we would sell it, and now we are.

Details and pictures at: http://www.mvdirona.com/somerset/vr4.html.

Our house in Bellevue is for sale as well: 4509 Somerset Pl SE, Bellevue, Wa. Virtual tour: http://vifp.com/presentation/video_flash.php?PresID=U6I3JN153KNBW7625R826E0KP2411X18&CustID=0&Branded=logo14909.jpg.




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6 comments on “1999 Mitsubishi 3000 VR4 For Sale
  1. Both the car and the house have sold but thanks for the interest.

    James Hamilton

  2. carlos ventura says:

    Do you still have the car?

  3. carlos says:

    Do you still have the car?

  4. Thanks Zach. Andrew, car free in Seattle is working out damn well. I’ve not seen our car for months. Living and working downtown makes a car pretty close to a waste of space. We just don’t need it.


  5. Congratulations on going car-free James! You beat me!

  6. Zach Hill says:

    Nice car James. I’d be sad to see it go as well. Those AWD turbo 3000GTs are certainly a find. Good luck selling it, if I could get a nice 12.5K raise from my advisor I’d take it off your hands right now, but alas, just a poor grad student.

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