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I’ve brought together links to select past postings and posted them to: It’s linked to the blog front page off the “about” link. I’ll add to this list over time. If there is a Perspectives article not included that you think should be, add a comment or send me email.

Talks and Presentations

Data Center Architecture and Efficiency

Service Architectures


Server Hardware

High-Scale Service Optimizations, Techniques, & Random Observations

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5 comments on “Select Past Perspectives Postings
  1. Jie Qiu says:

    Good collection. I was seeing for this for long time. Actually, I used a software, called TODOlist, to record the category and good posts as the way you currently done. At first, I felt you missed the post of cost of amazon storage. Finally, I found it here "The Cost of Bulk Cold Storage ".

  2. Thanks for the comment and the correction Anirudh.

    James Hamilton

  3. Anirudh Garg says:

    Have been a devoted reader, thanks for this summarization. Super minor quibble, Under Software and Services, "Architecture of a Database System" is misspelled.

  4. Great hearing from you Tom and thanks for the feedback.


  5. Tom Harpel says:

    Thanks for assembling this list James, and for all of the great information you share here. Trusting all is well, and that you are having fun.

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