SIGMETRICS/Performance 2009 & USENIX 2009 Keynotes

I presented Where does the Power Go in High Scale Data Centers the opening keynote at SIGMETRICS/Performance 2009 last month. The video of the talk was just posted: SIGMETRICS 2009 Keynote.

The talk starts after the conference kick-off at 12:20. The video appears to be incompatible with at least some versions of Firefox. I was only able to stay for the morning of the conference but I met lots of interesting people and got to catch up with some old friends. Thanks to Albert Greenberg and John Douceur for inviting me.

I also did the keynote talk at this year’s USENIX Technical Conference 2009 in San Diego. Man, I love San Diego and USENIX was, as usual, excellent. I particularly enjoyed discussions with the Research in Motion team from Waterloo and the Netflix folks. Both are running high-quality, super-high growth services with lots of innovation.

Thanks to Alec Wolman for inviting me down to this years USENIX conference.


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  1. Chris says:

    Doesn’t work on ANY versions of firefox for mac.

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