AWS Compute Cluster #231 on Top 500

The Top 500 Super Computer Sites list was just updated and AWS Compute Cluster is now officially in the top half of the list. That means when you line up all the fastest, multi-million dollar, government lab sponsored super computers from #1 through to #500, the AWS Compute Cluster Instance is at #231:


Position 231
System Name Amazon EC2 Cluster Compute Instances
Site Amazon Web Services
Country United States
Computer Amazon EC2 Cluster, Xeon X5570 2.95 Ghz, 10G Ethernet
Installation Year 2010
Vendor Self-made
Cores 7040
Rmax(GFlops) 41820
Rpeak(GFlops) 82508


One of the fastest supercomputers in the world for $1.60/node hour. Cloud computing changes the economics in a pretty fundamental way.

More details at: High Performance Computing Hits the Cloud.



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