Amazon Technology Open House

The Amazon Technology Open House was held Tuesday night at the Amazon South Lake Union Campus. I did a short presentation on the following:

Quickening pace of infrastructure innovation

Where does the money go?

Power distribution infrastructure

Mechanical systems

Modular & Advanced Building Designs

Sea Change in Networking

Slides and notes:


James Hamilton



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4 comments on “Amazon Technology Open House
  1. Correct. All but the IT equipment.

    Its easy to do much better but this is what a good best practices build can yield. Its even easier to do much worse :-)


  2. Mozan Totani says:

    "$11MM/MW for Facility" What does this include? CAPEX (building including MEP build cost)only?
    Mozan – Yahoo!

  3. Michael, I’ve got more detail on what I’m describing as a sea change in networking at: //

    And, on a related topic, Software Defined Networking: //


  4. Michael P says:

    I’d love some more insight into the Sea Change in Networking. Are you building your own switches with merchant silicon? Does Vyatta play a role here in addressing the proprietary nature of the big players code?

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