A Short History of AWS Silicon Innovation

Why would a cloud services company design and deploy custom semiconductors? It definitely wasn’t where I expected we would end up when I joined AWS in 2009 but it’s a decision that has just kept delivering for our customers.

It’s been 10 years since those early ideas and, in reflecting on what the team has delivered over this period, I thought it would be fun to walk through some of the history that has led to us deploying more than 20 million AWS designed ASICs. In the video below, I go back to 2012, introduce some of the key players, the early ideas that got us started, the motivation behind those early decisions, what was delivered, and how we continued to grow the semiconductor investments at AWS.

History of Silicon Innovation at AWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfjFHa5wY0E

2 comments on “A Short History of AWS Silicon Innovation
  1. I learnt a lot about AWS Nitro System. Thanks.
    Curiosity question: In the video, you mentioned doing everything in-house to control the costs. Where do you fabricate the silicon? I am guessing that Amazon is still ‘fabless’?

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