1,800 MySQL Servers with Two DBAs

Here’s a statistic I love, Facebook is running 1,800 MySQL Servers with only 2 DBAs. Impressive. I love seeing services show how far you can go towards admin-free operation. 2:1,800 is respectable and for database servers it downright impressive. This data from a short but interesting report at: http://www.paragon-cs.com/wordpress/?p=144.

The Facebook fleet has grown fairly dramatically of late. For example, Facebook is the largest Memcached installation and the most recent reports I had come across have 200 Memcached servers at facebook. At the Scaling MySQL panel, they report 805 Memcached servers.

1,800 MySQL Servers, insulated by 805 Memcached servers, and driven by 10,000 web servers. Smells like success.


Thanks to Dare Obasanjo for pointing me to this one.

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